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DevOps can help your teams collaborate effectively, create and deploy better products, and respond appropriately to changing market conditions.

Complete the questionnaire to assess your current level of DevOps proficiency. You can then contact us for support in taking the next steps.

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Understand Where You Are In Your DevOps Journey

Our set of carefully designed questions spanning 7 different areas will help you quickly establish where you are in your DevOps adoption process, find out your strengths and areas for improvement.

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We truly believe that every organization can benefit from the adoption of DevOps as a practice. Your results will help you see where you’re already succeeding, and which issues you can address to make real progress.

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Why DevOps?

DevOps as a practice mitigates the risk of slow reaction to market changes in an environment of uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change.

With DevOps your organization will be able to quickly use its technical capabilities to develop supporting solutions and act quickly based on data it has.

We do not harvest your data and we will not share your results with anyone else.

Our DevOps Team

Meet the leaders of Predica DevOps Center of Excellence:

Tomasz Onyszko - Predica CTO
Tomasz Onyszko

Predica CTO

Daniel Krzyczkowski - Principal Software Engineer
Daniel Krzyczkowski

Principal Software Engineer

 Kacper Mucha - DevCops Team Leader
Kacper Mucha

DevCops Team Leader